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Do I Really Need To Mount My TV To The Wall?

Updated: May 22, 2023

Your super ultra-thin panel TV has been sitting on a cabinet or leaning against a wall since the very day you brought that beauty home. Apart from the obvious serious risk factors, you can’t help the nagging feeling that mounting your TV would be a far better idea. Of course, the occasional visits from friends that have sparked debates on the location of your flat screen TV haven’t helped matters.

Granted, the TV mount installation process can be a little intimidating. What if you mount it wrong and your expensive beauty comes crashing down? What if mounting it will only interfere with your existing interior décor? Should you hire a TV Installation Company or should you do it yourself?

All these are valid questions that demand an answer. Hence, we shall be looking at a few reasons why opting to persevere the daunting TV mount installation process is a great idea. Moreover, we shall also address the issue between hiring for TV Mounting Services and doing it yourself.

Aesthetic Appeal

There’s really no need to fret over the possibility of a mounted TV clashing with your interior décor. If anything, a mounted flat screen TV should help enhance the appearance of your home and overall décor. It gives your room or home a modern look and appeal.

should i mount my tv on the wall?

Save on Space

This has to be among the top reasons many people opt to mount their flat screens to a wall. You can barely compare today’s flat screen TV’s with the old- fashioned cabinet TV.

Today’s Television sets are expansive and huge and hence; demand large furniture for storage. In other words, they tend to take up a lot of space, especially if you have to place them on a piece of furniture.

Save on space by mounting your sleek and lightweight beauty on the wall. Other than giving you more room to move around, more space adds to the aesthetic appeal.

tv mounted on wall

Adjustable and Flexibility

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy your favorite show, only to have light reflections/glare get in the way. Wall TV mounts that can allow you to adjust your TV either side- to – side or downwards are great for such situations. All you have to do is adjust the angle of your TV to reduce the glare from the windows or lights.

adjustable tv  mount

Of course, mounting your TV on the wall helps reduce the chances of your television tipping over while on a cabinet or table. This is especially crucial for those with children and pets that tend to cause havoc in the house.

TV fall off wall

That said, should everyone mount their televisions to a wall? Yes, they should. However, before going ahead and starting the installation process, there are a few things that need to be considered. They include:


Most people tend to prefer mounting their expensive beauties over a fireplace, and for some this may be one of their only options. When considering where to mount your flat screen, be sure to consider the sun exposure, closeness to a power outlet and your viewing angle among others.

Your wall:

You can’t just wing it when it comes to mounting a TV to a wall. You have to consider the state of your wall and whether it is sturdy enough to hold your investment. Always use a stud finder to find the perfect location for your TV.

Also, it is essentials that you use a high- quality TV mount to help hold up your TV. By hiring a TV Installation Company, you can be assured that they will use high- quality equipment for excellent service.


This is necessary if you are planning on carrying out the installation process yourself. For wood studs, you’ll need a drill, a stud finder, screwdriver bit and drill bit, a measuring tape, a socket wrench and socket wrench set, additional screws and better quality lag bolts than what comes in the box.

By the time you finished gathering all the necessary tools for the job, Coastline TV Installs would already have your TV Mounted safely, and perfectly before your favorite TV show began. (800) 789-4307

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