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Mounting a TV Over a Fireplace: Debunking Misconceptions and Exploring Benefits

Updated: May 18, 2023

Mounting a TV over a fireplace, for some of us, can seem like one of the biggest decisions we ever make. When we talk about mounting a TV, everybody becomes an expert. Your friends tell you one thing, your family tells you another and you sometimes end up more confused and discouraged than when you first came up with this bright idea.

At this point Its probably a good idea to just let an Experienced, Professional TV Mounting Company (hint) to help you make some decisions . With over 15 years Mounting TVs, Coastline TV Installs has seen it all. And if you end up unhappy afterwards, you always have us to blame, right :) 800-789-4307

Misconception: The Fireplace Dilemma

Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion on whether a TV should be mounted over a fireplace or not. A lot of people believe that installing a TV over a fireplace can actually damage the TV and increase the chances for short circuit hazards. Defying these misconceptions are the hundreds of different interior designers who chose the place above the fireplace as a perfect spot for mounting a television.

should i mount my tv over my fireplace?

Should I Mount My TV Over My Fireplace?

Even though most of the heat goes up and out of the flue before even being dispersed into the room, the mantle on a fireplace acts as a barrier between your TV and the fireplace if you're concerned of overheating your new expensive TV.

It looks Nice Too!

Mounting the TV over the fireplace is a popular technique these days and makes your room look more elegant (if its done right of course, if not, it can look like a disaster).

For some, because the way your particular room was designed, its the only practical place to have your TV mounted, unless you don't mind it being mounted in front of a window... Which of course we can most likely do too.

What about the height of the TV?

An ideal height for mounting a TV over a fireplace would be 6 inches above the fireplace if the mantle is more than 4 feet from the ground. If the mantle is less than 4 feet from the ground, then you can mount the TV at a height of around 12 inches above the fireplace. The main thing is not mounting your TV too high over the fireplace causing neck strain when watching for longer periods of time.

We get more calls to lower a TV than to higher a TV. If you have no choice because your mantle is just really high, we have that drop down when in the viewing position and raise back up for a nice clean look.

mantel mount for fireplace installation

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When you do decide to get a new TV or have been wondering about putting your TV over a fireplace, make sure to call us. We are experts in this area. We've done many fireplace TV Installations in Orange County, Long Beach, and surrounding areas due to the fact that most other companies just don't want to take on the challenge (cant blame em}.

Have a look at our instagram page or some recent Fireplace TV installations in our Portfolio page.

See what our past Clients say about our Fireplace TV Installations here>

Make sure to check out our Monthly Specials for TV Wall Mounting on both standard walls and TV over Fireplace.

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