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When A Sound Bar Is The Better Option

Updated: May 15, 2023

Enhance Your TV Experience with Soundbars and Surround Sound: A Comparison

Today’s modern super slim TVs have not only changed how our living rooms look but our movie-watching experiences. The large TV screen makes it easy to see and stay in tune with the characters’ every move. Though their sheer size and beauty are often hard to disregard, today’s super-slim TVs often suffer from a poor quality sound.

Granted, today’s elegant Televisions come with their own inbuilt speakers. However, a few minutes into a movie or show will clearly reveal that sound quality may have been overlooked.

The best way to enjoy everything your TV may have to offer is by incorporating speakers to your existing system.

You’ve probably had to decide between a soundbar and surround sound, or maybe you’re still on the fence about it. Would a soundbar be just as good and effective as a surround sound?

Soundbars: The Easy and Space-Saving Option

Incorporating a soundbar is often considered the easiest way of boosting your TVs sound quality. Yet, what exactly is a sound bar? How can you tell them apart from the traditional surround systems?

Sound bars are oblong in shape and slim for an elegant, yet daring look. These devices are home to a number of speakers that produce a very rich sound, which only works to augment your movie watching experiences.

Notably, soundbars take up very little space. Hence, they are perfect for minimalist or those that live in an apartment. They are the perfect fit for those with very limited space for speakers. Surround sound systems, on the other hand, take up way too much room.

Also, if you’re looking for easy to install speakers that only take a few minutes to set up, soundbars are your best option. If you’re looking to have a more sophisticated soundbar system installed, a professional installer from Coastline TV Installs is available to help you out.

Professional Installation for Optimal Soundbar Experience

By hiring a professional installer from Coastline TV Installs you will be ensuring that the soundbar system is not only correctly installed, but configured for efficiency. And look Amazing too!

For instance, installing the soundbar in an improper position could mess up the sound quality. Even worse, can fall off your wall and damage your furniture or hurt somebody.

The fact that soundbars often come with fewer cables and wires as compared to sound systems, makes them perfect for the minimalist. Moreover, if you have limited space in your living room area or have kids that tend to run around a lot, soundbars offer a safe option.

The few wires that are accompanied by soundbars can be skillfully concealed by our professional installers.

Of course, we always ensure that we clean up any debris or mess that may have resulted from the installation process. After connecting the four major components that accompany soundbars, our professional installers will teach you how to navigate your new sound system.

All this for only $99.95 with a five-year labor warranty, we augment our services by striving towards enhancing customer satisfaction and experience.

If you are looking to install your soundbar and need more information, please click our audio page for more information. or Contact us through our online form. 800-789-4307 or SMS at 714-587-4009

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