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How high should you mount your TV

Updated: May 18, 2023

Ever thought about why home designers charge so much for their service when the majority of their work is just moving you’re already bought items from one place to another. They happen to charge this much because they are trained and skilled in their field. They know what frame would look good on the left side wall of the room or where should you put your sofa. The same is the case with mounting TVs.

how high should you mount your tv

The task is not as simple as most people think. The perfect position of your TV would be where the center of the screen is at eye level of the viewer, this is why the genius character of Sheldon Cooper from the popular show The Big Bang Theory loves his spot on the sofa so much, it is at an ideal distance from the television.

There are a few variables that need to be considered before selecting the height for mounting the TV. Some believe that the TV should be mounted according to their size and not according to the distance from the viewer. 1.5 times the diagonal length of the screen is considered as the perfect viewing distance, especially for High definition TVs. Most people believe the ideal height for mounting a TV should be 42 inches from the floor.

how high should tv be mounted

This height is considered perfect for the television in a living room where most of the people watch the television from different sides of the room while sitting on the sofas. Size of the TV is a small factor in selecting the height for mounting the television however there are some other factors, like the size of the room and feel of the space and decor that determine the height.

what size tv should you get?

The main goal is to have the center of the screen to be in a good view for the viewers.

perfect tv height

What about the Fireplace?

A more calculated task is to mount a television over the fireplace. A lot of people are critical of mounting the television over a fireplace due to the heat effect, however it can be observed that a TV mounted above a fireplace can work as well as the TV that is not mounted above a fireplace, and look fantastic.

Take a look at our FAQ section regarding Fireplace TV Installation Services

There should be a specific distance kept between the TV and the fireplace (read bout that here)With respect to sitting viewers, there should only be a small gap between the TV and the fireplace mantle however if you want to mount the television with respect to standing audience then having a large but suitable gap between the TV and fireplace is acceptable. The height should be determined as per use.

TVs in the living room should be kept at a height where both seated and standing viewers can enjoy the broadcast where as TV in your bedroom can be mounted at a suitable height with respect to your bed and how you prefer to watch tv - lying down or sitting up.

Lastly, a lot of people will chime in on how and where to mount your television but remember that its your home and your TV and you have every right to mount it where you like as per your preference and desire.

Most importantly we have installed over 5,000 TVs all over Orange County, Ca, Los Angeles, and in good ole Long Beach, Ca. We will make sure you are getting the absolute best mounting height for your particular lifestyle, room, decor, and personal preferences. We are not only experts at Mounting TVs, we have a pretty good eye for style .

professional tv installation

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